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Edit function is missing

  1. Obviously wordpress has been making some changes. Dashboard dropdown menu available on each post or page is changed to "My Sites".

    That was all fine, but today the My Sites dropdown menu lost the "edit" option that it had up until now, although the other options are all still there as far as I can tell.

    It's a bit strange that just the "edit" option went missing, is this a temporary glitch and will be fixed soon?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I tagged this thread for Staff to take notice of your issues, concerns and feedback. Please subscribe to it so you are notified when they respond. To subscribe look in the sidebar of this thread, find the subscribe to topics link and click it.

  3. sensuouscurmudgeon

    It's missing for me too. Aren't all these new changes wonderful?

  4. @senuouscurmudegeon
    [sarcasm] Ride that roller coaster WordPress.COM guinea pigs, who are never consulted in advance of changes being made and squeal, squeal, squeal, knowing that tomorrow many ever result in more exciting changes, all aimed to improve your blogging experience.[/sarcasm]

    I recently joined a comedy improv group that meets bi-weekly again. I felt that was a superior choice to publishing a series of rants about our improved blogging experience on my blogging tips blog.

  5. I started a thread on this same topic just before this thread appeared--for me it is very annoying to have to scroll all the way down to the bottom of a post to find the (in my theme, Expound) miniscule light grey edit link down there.

    Most of my posts and pages are long, and that dropdown was always handy no matter where I was reading on the page, no need to wade down the page to find the tiny edit link at the bottom--not easy because it isn't at the bottom of the screen, it's sandwiched between the end of the post and the top of the comment field. On top of being in a miniscule, light grey font!

  6. Just in case it's unclear what dropdown we're talking about that USED to have an edit option listed, here's a screenshot of it - upper left of one of my published pages - now with no edit function.

    Same thing when reading a published post, same amputated dropdown...

  7. sensuouscurmudgeon

    Welcome to the new EDIT-FREE WordPress, to make your blogging experience even better! Soon a Happiness Engineer will show up to pretend he cares about your feedback.

  8. This is being said in a kind and considerate voice:

    As I noted above I tagged this thread for Staff help. Staff work through all forum threads tagged for their attention and through all email support tickets in chronological order based on datestamps and timestamps – first posted first served, as would be expected.

    How long it takes to clear the threads and support tickets depends on how many Happiness Engineers are working on them at any given point in time. It also depends on how complex the issues in each thread and ticket are are.

    Please don’t bump your thread by posting into it again because it’s not in your best interest to post to it after it has been tagged for Staff help. Doing that moves the timestamps forward and it takes longer to get a response.

  9. Honest to Pete.

    WHY in the world would you take the edit function out of the drop down menu? It was there this morning, and now it's gone.

    The "Edit" function was one I used most. Now, the only way to get to it is to go the the Admin dashboard, and select the appropriate post.

    I have a good idea. Let's all blog! Let's do longform writing! Let's have good ideas, hold hands, and sing Kumbaya.

    Let's never, ever edit. It might make our work better. We wouldn't want that, now would we?

    Seriously -- I'd advise putting that edit link back. I hope removing it was an error, or an unintended consequence of some other change.

  10. Why can't I edit my pages!!!!

    The blog I need help with is

  11. I went to edit a preview and voila! Couldn't edit. No edit function, no way to get from the post to the editing screen. ANY editing screen, not even the godawful new version (it is NOT a better way ... just an annoyingly different way with reduced functionality). Congratulations on removing the last useful item on the menu. Stats now takes you to the new, useless stats page and there's NO EDIT FUNCTION AT ALL. Whose idea was this? Has anyone considered usability and Beta testing before implementation? You know, to see if anyone can actually work without an EDIT FUNCTION? Seriously? You want writers to work with no EDIT LINK?

  12. Also noticed the Edit button eliminated this afternoon. I use it quite frequently and will miss it if it's a permanent change.

  13. I need to add my premium theme is BLOGLY. It never had any edit link EXCEPT in that menu and now, having removed it, I don't have any direct link to an editing screen. I'm a writer. Do you not understand why an editing link is not an optional extra?

    My site is

    I pay for premium stuff. I'm really trying hard to hold onto my temper. To not to get crazy angry about one more change which eliminates something useful and gives us NOTHING in return. Hey, Happiness Engineers. I'm not HAPPY. Really. Not. Happy.

  14. WordPress's designers love to make us scroll, don't they? I wonder if this is an error, or an "improvement," which is their euphemism of choice for a lost function or pointless interface change.

    On the plus side, needy bloggers can easily access the trophy case from the user menu, as this is clearly more important than the need to edit posts—though one has to wonder if this matters to the Twitter/Tumblr crowd they're pandering to these days.

    After my last series of rants earlier today, I thought things over, calmed down, and was leaning toward staying put—most of the changes, while aggravating, don't directly affect the posting experience itself (unless I try to use that Beep Beep dreck).

    Then this happened. Straw, meet camel.

    @Timethief, you were right. The changes are bad enough; the arrogance and shortsightedness involved in their implementation, the insistence on using us as beta testers, and the unwillingness to listen to our suggestion and complaints is too much. The latest changes now directly affect the blogging experience itself.

    My love affair with is over.

    Camel, meet straw.

  15. Dear happiness engineers,

    You are aware of the fact that some of your themes rely on the now defunct edit function in the My Sites menu, right?

    Forgive me for asking. I'm sure you considered this before you removed yet another function from your service.

  16. If I need to edit multiple websites at the same time I typically go to My Blogs. Wasn't aware of the edit option at My Sites. How was that better than My Blogs?

  17. It was a fast and easy way to directly access a page or post without the need to access the dashboard. Think of it as an equivalent of a built in edit button for a page, but one that is accessible from anywhere on that page.

  18. @musicdoc1 Editing multiple blogs is not the issue. It's editing a specific post on ANY blog. And as of right now, that means I have to open the dashboard, open the posts, find the post, open it, find what I want to change ... assuming I still remember what I wanted or needed to do. If you were a writer, you would know this.

  19. I cannot believe this. Every day we lose another function. And those "happiness engineers" are clearly not interested in spreading joy. If I didn't distrust my own feelings of paranoia ... I'd say these "changes" are tinged with malice.

    Like a mother saying to her child ...' If you ask one more question, you'll go to your room and miss supper ..."

    I need that "edit" function. I'm a careful blogger and sometimes my edits run into the dozens before I publish ... and often five or six or more afterwards. Please stop tinkering.

    WordPress had it right the first time. Remember what happened to Penny's when they started to "upgrade". They nearly sank the company.

  20. @musicdoc1 Editing multiple blogs is not the issue. It's editing a specific post on ANY blog.

    I can understand that if you only have one website such an edit tab in My Sites might be advantageous, but I don't see how one button could take you to a specific post on a specific website (blog) any quicker than you can do at My Blogs. However, since I never used the tool it's very possible that I'm missing some feature about it that was superior to other options.

  21. Sorry. That last post was directed at teepee12.

  22. Why are you involved in this discussion? You never used the function. You clearly are not a writer. If you don't even understand what is under discussion, why is your oar in the water?

  23. @ fjordaniv,

    Think of it as an equivalent of a built in edit button for a page, but one that is accessible from anywhere on that page.

    Thanks. I get it now. Yes, I agree that would be useful. Wasn't aware of that feature.

  24. @ teepee12,

    You clearly are not a writer.

    Whether or not I am a writer is hardly germane.

  25. Thanks. I get it now. Yes, I agree that would be useful. Wasn't aware of that feature.

    I didn't know about it until fairly recently, but once I did, I used it constantly. Some themes exclusively rely on this feature for editing (hence teepee12's frustration).

    That WordPress's programmers would remove a necessary feature is another indication of the chaotic and poorly thought-out nature of these "improvements."

  26. @ fjordaniv,

    I didn't know about it until fairly recently, but once I did, I used it constantly.

    Thanks for the clarification. I would have used it too, had I known about it. Instead I've typically used "edit" and "view" bookmarks when working on a post or page. Of course, the drawback is that bookmarks have to be created for every significant post and page. I would definitely advocate that a universal edit tab be included on every post and page.

  27. To Musicdoc1 - YES it IS germane because editing is uniquely important to writers in a way that it is NOT nearly as important to those whose focus is graphical, for example. It really DOES matter whether or not you actually USE the function whether or not you can address it. If you have never used it, never even knew it existed, have never had any reason to use it ... then why are you involved in a discussion when you don't understand the issues? or how much it affects others who do use the function? I'm sure there are functions that you use and which are important to you for which i have no particular use and may not even know exist. I wouldn't bother to get involved in a discussion about any of these functions ... because ... well, why would I? I, for example, have just one blog. I have no use for anything which will simultaneously edit multiple blogs. But you do. Why would I get in the middle of your discussion if I don't use the function and probably will never need it?

  28. @teepee12,

    ...then why are you involved in a discussion when you don't understand the issues?

    People learn by asking questions. Before there is knowledge there is an inquiring disposition, an appetite for knowledge, and willingness to engage in the struggle to learn. I learned about this useful, and no longer available, tool by asking questions here.

    As I mentioned above I would have found the edit tab very useful had I been aware of it. Would have saved me a lot of time and effort.

  29. @teepee12,

    And incidentally, I learned from you, fjordaniv, and the other contributors here. Thank you very much everyone!

  30. (I've posted this elsewhere, but this seems to be the main thread, so I'm copying it here too.)

    Hi everyone, sorry about the delay.

    We've been having ongoing internal discussions about how to balance the need to keep the admin bar as clean and consistent as possible while also making sure our users (and HEs) have access to the tools they need to do their best work.

    For the moment, we are asking that you try using the edit links in your themes and see if after you've used it for awhile you still miss the drop-down edit option.

    If you have a theme that doesn't include an edit link on posts and pages, or if you don't know where the edit link is on your posts and pages, we want to know that so we can get the theme updated and/or help you find the link.

    I know this isn't the answer that you were hoping for, so I understand your disappointment and frustration. Is there anything short of bringing the edit dropdown option back that will let you know we are listening to and considering your feedback?


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