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    i still didn’t find the right answers.
    i researched the gallery settings, media settings and anything else related to changing the appearance of my gallery, and i still can’t find out why the same example settings are not showing up for me on my site.

    The blog I need help with is kimdharris.wordpress.com.



    Did you follow the instructions here when you created your Gallery: http://en.support.wordpress.com/images/gallery/

    Looking at this page http://kimdharris.wordpress.com/gallery/ all I see is a series of single thumbnail images inserted separately, with no Gallery.



    I did follow those instructions and I actually just re-did my gallery and it still looks the same.
    I wonder if the theme is set for thumbnails only?!



    No, every theme on WordPress.com can use all the functions of the Gallery feature. Have a look at the Chunk theme demo site http://chunkdemo.wordpress.com/2011/08/16/fall-in-luxembourg/ and I just switched my Gallery demo site to Chunk so you can see it in action there, too. http://agallerydemo.wordpress.com/

    But as I said above, you don’t seem to be using the Gallery feature on that page. Only single inserted thumbs one after the other.

    OK-hope this will help as well: http://gammagirl.wordpress.com/2008/07/27/not-the-official-wordpresscom-gallery-faq/

    If that still doesn’t solve it for you, please post back here.



    I tried it again this morning after following the instructions from your post. It looks the same, but now you can see some codes under the last photo. It did this same thing last night after my attempts, but I deleted the edit part since that was the only thing that removed the codes. I’m leaving it on this time so you can see it, but I don’t know what I’m missing here???



    Can you please describe, step-by-step, how you inserted the images in your Gallery page?

    I’m going to do a couple of experiments on my test blog and get back to you, but please answer my question above.

    Also, you can remove the extra code from your post.



    Please delete everything you have currently on that page, copy and paste the following exactly as I’ve given it into the Page Editor text input box.

    [gallery type="square" ids="18,20,21,39,43"]

    When you save your Page again, that shortcode will “disappear” in the Visual Editor to be replaced by the Gallery’s blue placeholder. You’ll see your images when you preview your Page.

    As I suspected, you originally inserted all your images one-by-one in your Page. That is generally fine, but won’t give you the same results as when using the Gallery feature.

    If you’d rather insert your images one by one, you will want to read these Support docs as well as a guide written by Panos, another forum volunteer:



    Oh my gosh…you did it. Thank you so much!!! I wanted to change the order so the pics are not fitting how you had it before, but I don’t mind because it still looks so much better.
    Since you were able to help me with that, I wonder if you can help with a few more things?

    I was originally trying to put a thumbnail picture of the first cat (the gray and white one), directly under the Company title (under Inspire | Create | Enlighten). The picture was only showing up in a very large size and taking over the entire page. Do you know how I can input that picture as a small thumbnail size?

    Lastly, I was thinking about attempting to do a video showing a slideshow of my drawing development from start to finish. It would just be about 5 pictures done in a slideshow format. Any suggestions for that as well?

    Thank you so much!
    P.S. Do I have to pay the annual fee in order to have my website name be my title without wordpress.com attached to it?

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