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    The Edit link on blog posts not visible on one of my blogs, while it is on another.

    Is the presence of that edit link dependent on what theme you have? If so, is there a list that can tell you which have it? Or can you add it in if you have the CSS upgrade option?

    I’m using Contempt 1.0-wpcom on the blog that is having the problem.




    Its existence isn’t dependent on the theme, but it’s location is. Some of them are quite hard to find, relatively speaking. As well, if you’re signed in you should be able to click on the individual post title and then your blue bar will have “edit this post” on it.

    Also, if you have two identities, you won’t see that link on the blogs which don’t go with the identity you’re signed in under. Does that make sense?



    On the blog http://revamann.wordpress.com we have a similar problem, except that it only seems to apply to one user, so the issue isn’t the particular theme or the formatting of the link.

    There are two Administrators. When we are both logged in, I can see the Edit link under each post on the blog page, and can click on it in order to edit the post. The other Administrator cannot see the Edit link, even though she is recorded as the Author of the post (I put it up originally, but then changed Author to her name). She says that she also cannot see the blue bar above the site that contains the My Account, My Dashboard, etc. options. However, she can go in via http://revamann.wordpress.com/wp-admin/ and edit the post.

    Has anyone encountered anything like this before? I would be grateful for any help.

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