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    In Feb. I uploaded a PDF to the library: http://XXX.wordpress.com/201202/FILENAME.pdf. All pointer out there on the WWW point to this URL. In April I have the need to update the PDF. Consequently I used “permanent delete” and uploaded an updated PDF version. But unfortunately, WP extents the file name automatically with 1: http://XXX.wordpress.com/201204/FILENAME1.pdf

    The EDIT MEDIA mode does not allow to edit the URL, even so the first PDF was “permanent delete” ed.

    Q: Does onybody know how I can restore the PDF under the published URL?

    FYI, for Pages the EDIT MEDIA mode for the URL and the “permanent delete ” works. So, the functionality for “permanent delete” has been successfully deployed within WP.

    The blog I need help with is ecmt.wordpress.com.



    You cannot CHANGE a file and retain its original URL. You have to have a new URL.



    I experienced AFTER using EDIT MEDIA, that I cannot CHANGE a file and retain its original URL.

    Unfortunately, I cannot have a new URL since all WWW pointers point to the old URL.

    If someone deletes a media file that can’t be restored then WP MUST express the consequence together with the “please confirm” button. It cleary must state that the file cannot be exchanged by an updated file using the same file name. The “delete permanently” misguides the user to assume that the URL of the uploaded file can be edited using EDIT MEDIA.

    Since my old file has not been “deleted permanent” the file is still known in the WP system. Would admin please offer me to restore the file?



    There is no such option.

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