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    Hi !i was wondering if @the sacred path could possobly edit my menu Cate-I noticed that there are two my passions pages that should be removed,an one post/article that should be removed.And also would like to add a portfolio page named Cate’s portfolio also on menu.many thanks

    The blog I need help with is ilmondodicate.wordpress.com.



    And last thing on the comments part chanhe the word ‘thoughts’in to the italian”pensieri”and put it into purple.thank you


    Hi catezapp, we are here to help you learn how to make these kinds of updates on your own. We are not available to make extensive edits for you, and if you’d like someone to edit your web pages and menus for you, then we would like to respectfully ask that you please hire a web designer or developer to help you make such changes.

    I know we have helped you with lots of CSS snippets over time, and I would be happy to continue to help you learn to get better at making these types of changes to your site so you can make the updates yourself. As a site owner, you are responsible for making your own updates.

    Let me try to give you the best advice possible so you can learn to make these edits yourself:

    I noticed that there are two my passions pages that should be removed

    one post/article that should be removed

    Here is a direct link to your menus page:

    To remove the duplicate, find it in the list, click the arrow to the right of the one you want to delete, and click the “Remove” link that appears.

    also would like to add a portfolio page named Cate’s portfolio also on menu

    Before you can add a post or page or portfolio project to a menu, you must publish it publicly first. So, if you would like to add a page named “Cate’s portfolio,” then first you should go to Pages > Add New in your dashboard and create and publish a “Cate’s portfolio” page. Once that is done, you can go back to Appearance > Menus, make sure the primary menu is selected (you should see this at the top of the page), then click Pages inside the menu selector, find the page you create, and click the “Add to Menu” button. After the page has been added to the menu, you should see it in the menu structure on the right and you can click and drag to move it into the right place in the structure.

    There is also a detailed help page about how to manage menus at http://en.support.wordpress.com/menus/ which has step by step instructions, pictures, and it even has a video in case that works better for you to learn how to setup menus.



    Thank you i will try


    catezapp, great! I know you can do it! I’m worried that I came off a bit too strong before and I didn’t want to discourage you. I really want to help!

    If you have any questions about figuring out the menus, please post them here and I will be right here to help you.



    Don’T worry I do understand,that you want me to improve!let me get this straigh:once i publish the portfolio page and using the shortcodes and portfolio template,then it actually works?


    once i publish the portfolio page and using the shortcodes and portfolio template,then it actually works?

    If you create a portfolio project by going to Portfolio > Add New in the dashboard, and then you publish it, after it is published you will be able to see it on the Appearance > Menus page.

    I just tried it on my test site. First, I went to Portfolio > Add New and published a new project named “This is a Test Portfolio Project.” Then I went to the menu page and clicked on Projects and I can see it as an option. I took a screenshot for you so you can see how it works: https://cloudup.com/c3JDt9QJOOr


    Wait a minute. Let’s step back because you threw in a bunch of terms in that last question and I assumed you were thinking only of menus.

    So let me explain each thing just in case it helps:

    1. First, you need to create some projects under Portfolios > Add New in the dashboard—once you have created and published a few, then you will be able to see them in the portfolio shortcode, or in a portfolio page template, or as options for a menu. Think of the projects as the building blocks for the shortcode and portfolio page template.

    2. The shortcode takes all the projects and displays them in a group. A shortcode can be added to a regular post or page.

    3. The portfolio page template is a special type of page that you can create that will display projects in a cool way if you are using a theme that supports them. I see http://ilmondodicate.wordpress.com/ is using Sketch right now, and that theme does have a portfolio page template. So, if you publish some projects first, then they will show up on the portfolio page template automatically. I assume that will be the “Cate’s Portfolio” page you mentioned earlier.

    4. Only after those other things are done will you want to add the menu item. There are a few different options when it comes to menus: you can make a menu item that links directly to a project or you can choose to make a portfolio page template or a page with a portfolio shortcode and make a menu item link to one of those instead.

    The best place to go from here would be to start by creating a project. I can work with you on it step by step if you’d like! Want to create a project first and then I can show you what to do next?



    Hi there!just to let you know,that i have sucsesfully changed the menu,added a portfolio page and put a few projects.can you check that everything is fine?one last thing how to change the word ‘thoughts”into “pensieri?thank you


    Hi there!

    I don’t see the word “thoughts” anywhere on your site. Did you figure this out?



    Its not on the menu, but in the comment section.



    Here is a linkscroll down to the comment section, thank youm, and sorry to disturb:-)


    @catezapp, I have reported this to our translators and will report back when I hear from them.



    Thank you!!


    @catezapp, since Sketch is a pretty new theme, translation hasn’t really started yet, but we can temporarily at least “fix” that line for you.

    Right now it gives the number of comments and then “THOUGHTS ON “LUISA A SCUOLA”.

    Would this be alright as a temporary fix (the number of comments will be missing)?




    Yes i know its a new theme!yes its fine;-)


    Ok, add this to the very bottom of your existing custom CSS and see what you think.

    .comments-title {
        visibility: hidden;
    .comments-title span {
        visibility: visible;
        float: left;
    .comments-title span:before {
        content: "pensieri on ";
        float: left;
        padding-right: 7px;


    For now it works fine!thank you very much


    You are welcome.



    As soon as possible i would like the numbers of comments!!

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