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    I just wrote my first blog post in 2009. The moment I posted it my January 2007 posts in the “Monthly Archives” disappeared. I contacted support and they told me that this theme only shows 12 months of archives. That makes no sense to me. Basically a whole months work, 31 posts just disappeared and is not accessible any more. All it would need is a before button. Is it possible to make this customization with CSS?



    No. You cannot change the functionality of the theme via CSS, only the look.

    I’m not sure if that theme allows for text widgets but if it does, you can create an older archives list in one by coding the links manually. The link to January 2008 is http://carstenfleck.wordpress.com/2008/01/ By changing the year and month, you get to the archives.

    An alternative would be a separate page for the older archives with the links to them on there.

    Of course, you could always change themes.

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