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    when I edit the page, or post, the edit window manuplates fumbly. press preview and the preview isn’t the same as editor. publish and that doesn’t resemble the edit page. view the page isn’t correct. go back to edit it to correct and it is exactly as it was originally before editing, previewing and publishing. Each and every time this happens. When I go from the site back and edit, its as if I never edited in the window.

    The blog I need help with is revlesblog.wordpress.com.



    If you are using the Back button on your browser, that is why. Don’t. Always click the Edit button on the blog post itself.



    I do. In fact…under dashboard when on the page or post itself, is edit. Click that. reverts. use the preview. different after editing. editing box doesn’t match. click publish to see what published after manipulating within visual…view post screen comes after publish. click that…and published page does not match again from preview. Now I am on the actual post or page. go to the left had side, click to get to dashboard, there is “edit” underneath. click that…edit box opens and previously published has returned to orignal intput. no editing included. What’s up with that. I need to see what I am doing so I don’t ahve to contstantly publish, and then edit. puyblish and then edit until it looks so awful in the editor, but is finally right in the post or on the page!!!



    No one has an answer to this?


    If the differences have to do text decoration, font size, colors, etc., then that’s the problem a lot of people are experiencing right now. What we’re not being told is if it’s temporary or permanent.



    @paulthinkingoutloud not what foloows

    I answered your other thread 1 hour ago. https://en.forums.wordpress.com/topic/trouble-with-edits-matching-in-previewpublish?replies=2#post-1039500 Please do not create more than 1 thread on any single issue.

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