Edit or block "likes" from repeat offender spammers

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    I’ve noticed a larger number of “likes” coming from spammer sites – people who post those opinions so that others track back to their home site. I like “likes” from (ahem) like-minded folks who are truly interested in the content. But these spam likes that link back to money making schemes or worse are annoying. And possibly harmful.

    I would prefer to leave “likes” on for legitimate users, but kill the spammy ones manually as I notice them. Even better would be linking the “likes” system to a spam-fighting utility, much as comments are handled now.

    So how about it. Do you like “likes?” Do you see them as a valuable feature worth preserving? Or should it just be turned off or killed entirely to spare everyone the nuisance?


    The blog I need help with is string-or-nothing.com.



    Lots and lots of discussion on this topic in the forums.

    Unfortunately, not currently possible. Many of us have simply turned off their display. This won’t stop people from “liking” a post, but it does remove the reward factor to spammers. Once upon a time we could report abuse at gravatar, but that option has been removed from gravatar profiles.

    (K, is that you!? Jen)



    Thanks, Jen!

    With luck I will be able to expunge “likes” from every page and post via some sort of global mechanism (there are a lot of posts). Sad to see the feature trashed by abuse. I enjoyed tracking them back and finding interesting people at the other end.




    You can always report their blogs or Gravatar profiles as Spam.



    @k – you can globally disable Likes from the Dashboard>Settings>Sharing> Likes
    See here: http://en.support.wordpress.com/likes/#likes-and-your-site

    If the person’s blog is hosted on WordPress.com and is actually spam, then, yes, it can be reported following these instructions http://en.support.wordpress.com/report-blogs/

    But, rain, the button to report a gravatar for abuse/spam has been missing for a while. Is there another way to report them now?

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