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  1. How do I change a page title or subtitle?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I'm brand new to blogging and WordPress, so I'm not even sure where to look in the various menus!

  3. Site Titles (Blog Names) and/or optional Taglines can be changed at any time here > Settings > General.

  4. I'm brand new to blogging and WordPress

    If you do want your Tagline to be effective and to also be fully displayed by search engines like Google in the SERPS (search engine page results) then know that keyword use and brevity are critical. In short: When your title tag is too long, instead of simply truncating it and adding an ellipsis to the end the way they used to, Google will algorithmically determine a better title.

  5. Got it, timethief, thank you!

  6. You're welcome.

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