Edit pages bug? Removes paragraph and line breaks

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    I wanted to change some text on the contact page and add an email link.

    I added the email link ( a safe mailto script ) in source code. When I saved the page, all text lost line breaks & paragraph spacing.

    I have removed the email code and and added the line breaks in visual mode, but all text is just one big continuous chunk of text after saving? Did this two more times. In visual mode it looks fine. Save. No joy in the view result. Looking at the source again, there’s no <p> or
    tags? Where did / do they go?

    Is there some bug with edit pages that removes things when you edit source?



    PS: I removed the mailto script as it did not render properly. WP limitation I assume (unfortunate)

    I can confirm that when simply switching between the visual mode and source mode, any line or paragraph changes do not stick. Fix the paragraphs in visual mode, don’t save, click to code … one continuous text.

    Also, I’m using Safari 3 on 10.5


    The wordpress.com visual editor is not fully compatible with Safari. You can turn it off by going to users and then to your profile and turning off the visual editor, or you can download and use Camino or Firefox, both of which work well at wordpress.



    Thanks for confirming that.

    The odd thing is, that I actually didn’t use any of the true editor / html features. Just pressing return on the keyboard. In FireFox it preserves the breaks as shown, even though they are not visible in the source code when you switch to / from.

    Safari clearly doesn’t handle this properly so I’m forwarding this to Apple.


    It’s not completely an apple issue, it’s more of a TinyMCE issue – the editor that WordPress uses. It has never been made compatible with Safari. They are working on compatibility now with Safari 3 but I suspect it will not be until TinyMCE 3 is released, and that could possibly be months.

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