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Edit 'Pages' in Windows Live Writer

  1. I have found in Windows Live Writer that I am able to create a new Page, such as "About", but I cannot edit my existing pages. Matt mentions here an extension that would allow you to do it: It's the second to last paragraph of the post:

    "A few weeks ago a new version of Windows Live Writer was released that supported all sorts of neat WordPress extensions to do things like edit pages..."

    I have searched but I cannot find this extension. Any idea where I can find it?

  2. I've seen LW extensions at Microsoft's site. I don't know if they're also available elsewhere.

  3. I cannot find it in Microsoft's extensions:

  4. Perhaps he was referring to the WP-specific functions?

  5. It doesn't sound like it, but perhaps. I've done more research and there is or was definitely a way to edit pages, but I can't find it. It may be a feature that was removed because of security holes, as I came across something hinting at that. I wish I could find out for sure.

  6. I wish I could help further (not that I've been any help to this point) but I switched from LW to BlogDesk some time ago. Maybe someone who uses LW will come along.

  7. Did everyone experience that Windows Live Writer is working erratically starting from few days ago ? Anything with image posted will result in crash.

    Did anyone experience it ?

    I am using Windows Vista.

  8. In WLW, on the right side is a sidebar. You'll see "drafts" and "recently posted". Click the "more" link under "recently posted. Find your WP blog, and click that once, and at the top you will see 2 little buttons to choose either posts or pages. Click pages, and all the pages you have on WP will show up. Double-click the one you want, and you can then edit to your heart's content, and re-post when you're finished. Hope this helps!

  9. darcsfalcon: THANK YOU! Wow, could they have made that any harder to find? Haha, thank you so much, this is great!

    geekycoder: I haven't had any problems, I've posted pics and vids without trouble.

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