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Edit Page...what happened to the 1 or 2 column option?

  1. My edit page just switched from 2 columns to 1 column!

    Is it safe to assume that there is no longer a choice, since I see no option for that any longer; or, will it be reappearing again...soon???

    Semper Wondering!
    Dick G

    The blog I need help with is

  2. There's another thread on this same issue here which I have flagged for Staff attention so we can find out if this is a bug or yet another surprise "improvement". >

  3. I can get used to either one...but a degree of continuity would be great too!


    Dick G

  4. Well, I dunno how to set my "resolution" on my monitor, and I'm not in the know on most of this cyber lingo...

    But i have this little wheely-thingo on my mouse that ya can use Ctrl + twirl the wheel and it will enlarge/decrease the pic on the screen--tried this this morning on the edit page and the two columns immediately appeared!

    Dunno if it stays thataway, or if I have to "touch" the wheely-thingo each time I edit--no big thing either way.
    But..... what's next???

    Thanx all--enjoyed reading all the Questions and responses on this clusterxxxxx!

    Semper Watching!

    Dick G

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