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Edit Redoable Lite Header Size Question - Before I pay the $$ to edit template

  1. I purchased the editing rights to a template I was using last year and was never able to change some things I wanted to (or perhaps, was never able to figure out how to...). Anyway, I'm using the "Redoable Lite" template now and the fact that the header image does not extend across the full length of the page has always bugged me. I'd like to change that size, but wanted to know if it was possible if I purchase the rights to do so.

    Has anyone done this?


  2. a link to your blog, please.

  3. By "purchase the rights" do you mean buy the right to adapt it from the designer? Or do you mean buy the CSS upgrade? And we can't give an answer appropriate to your blog without seeing the blog, so please provide a link starting with http.

  4. Per Questions:

    Yep, buy the CSS upgrade.

  5. Were you guys able to look at this and see if it's possible?

  6. Yes, it is possible to do it.

  7. Why not test out your changes in the free preview first and don't buy the upgrade till you can do what you want.

  8. Oh, good idea. Din't know you could. Preciate the help!

  9. No worries and good luck. Some people take to it immediately, some, like me, never really get or enjoy it.

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