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    Hi! I’m looking for help removing the black border from the slideshow images in the Suburbia theme. The border is really distracting, inelegant compared to the rest of the layout, and makes the captions very difficult to read.

    Here is a look at the problem, on one of my blog pages. I don’t see a slideshow menu, to control the look… and I’m a theme user, not a CSS whiz, but I do pay for the ability to customize, so theoretically I could edit the code… can anyone help?


    The blog I need help with is katemckinnon.wordpress.com.



    Please excuse the last line of the above post – the blog I need help with is




    Although no one has stepped up to answer this (hellooo) I do have more to report- I found the Media settings in the Dashboard that allowed me to change the slideshow images to full size, and the background to white, but even though I have saved these changes, I still have small images and black borders. Perhaps the border is separate from the background?

    Can anyone comment on this problem? My captions are almost unreadable with the black border.

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