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Edit the front page for Hatch theme - I want more posts to show

  1. The theme doesn't show as it does in the display before I made the choice and changed themes to Hatch. On the front page there were links (picture as this is a photoblog) to 15 of my posts. When I choice all, more than 200 post showed up. Now I have changed this to only 8 + Older posts link. I want more than 8. Is there only two options for the front page?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. When I choice all, more than 200 post showed up. Now I have changed this to only 8 + Older posts link.

    Hatch has infinite scroll. You ought to be able to disable it on this page > Settings > Reading and set the number of post you wish to appear on the front page of the blog there.

    Look for:
    Blog pages show at most ____ posts
    enter the number of posts you want to display

    scroll down to:
    To infinity and beyond ___ Scroll Infinitely
    (Shows 7 posts on each load)
    remove the checkmark

    scroll down and click "save changes"

    Disabling the infinite scroll feature to get rid of the pop-up in the footer results in a "Older Posts" tab, and you can't disable that "Older Posts" tab from appearing and have "previous post" and "next post" links, without the Custom Design upgrade.

  3. Thanks for the answer!!! But I have already changed the Show at most: to 14 posts (and saved), but it doesn't respond to this. It still shows only 8 (4x2). I also have Syndication feeds show the most recent set to 14 (I don't know the meaning). Then "Older posts", whick is ok. But I want more of them...
    When I scroll dawn to Infinity and beyond I get this message: " We've disabled this option for you since you have footer widgets in Appearance → Widgets, or because your theme does not support infinite scroll."

    Enhanced feeds, I don't know the meaning. Only Comment count is checked.

  4. I think that I have the same issue as bentehaarstad (although I'm trying to show 16 posts, but can only show 8 or infinite).
    Home page screen capture
    Reading Settings screen capture

    Interestingly, when I use the "Customize" GUI from the drop down menu, the changes I want to be made appear. Once I save and close though, they are not applied.

    Customize screen capture

    I am using Chrome Version 26.0.1410.43 so presumably it is not a browser issue.

  5. Howdy! Just popping in to confirm that due to Hatch's design it will only display 8 posts on the home page, regardless of the settings in Settings -> Reading.

    (The Customizer will display differently because it doesn't display with Infinite Scroll.)

    I hope this clears things up!

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