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  1. hye.
    need help with my theme.

    how can i edit my footer note in my page??
    "Blog at | Theme: Greyzed by The Forge Web Creations. "


    The blog I need help with is

  2. You would need the paid CSS (and experience with using CSS; there is no official support here).

    Another thing to consider is that hiding the credit to the designers of your theme doesn't seem fair.

    For example, if you wrote a song which lots of people started to cover I think you would want people to know that you wrote that song.

  3. Hi aird88,

    The footer text tied to the theme, and is not editable as does not allow editing theme template files. For more details, see

  4. Thank you lance. I was mistaken: I thought I'd seen someone using CSS.

  5. @Tess
    You did. There are bloggers who have been "hiding" the footer information and links with CSS.

  6. The question was how to edit the text, not how to hide it. :)

  7. lol ... :D I know, I know but I thought that Tess might be recalling what I recalled. ;)

  8. Some have used pseudo CSS stuff to add things to the footer, but this is problematic since IE6 and 7 don't recognize pseudo CSS selectors and in those browsers (and probably some older versions of others) the stuff added via pseudo CSS won't be seen. Actually changing what is there though, as Lance says, is not possible.

  9. With CSS in some themes it is possible to relocate a text widget to the bottom of the page and add styles so that it appears like a regular footer. I've done that on my (very naked) new blog where I'll (eventually) be showcasing some CSS tricks and tips. In this instance I've moved one sidebar to appear there. This way I can customise the text and links but I've kept in the credits because I'm nice like that!

  10. thanks for the tips, i think i'll better learn css and customize my blog on my own.
    theres lot of expert here to ask for tips..

  11. how can i change my blog theme to default theme??

  12. Go to Appearance->Themes and choose 2010

  13. thanks raincoaster..

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