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    I am moving a set of PDF files from my old google site to my new wordpress.com site. I need the URLs to be exactly the same as they are on my google site because the URLs are publicized elsewhere. The problem is that wordpress uses a funky format with the date in the URL. I can find any way to edit the URLs for media uploads.

    Here’s what I need the URLs to look like:

    I need the .pdf in there, so just creating a page under the subdirectory won’t work, as far as I can tell. I’ve seen that the “Pretty Link” plugin, but apparently that’s not available on wordpress.com. Are there any other solutions??

    I haven’t paid for the premium usage yet, because if I can’t edit these URLs, wordpress.com won’t be an option for me.



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    I have removed you from the forum spam, though as a volunteer I cannot explain why your posts were there. It happens even to regular volunteers… At any rate:

    The site linked to your username is marked private. Is this where you want the pdfs to be displayed/posted? Or is there another site you are asking about?

    Is your Google site still active? If so, then you can link to the pdfs using an image or text link. Then also insert them to your wp.com blog via Scribd:



    Thanks for your help.

    Yeah, the wordpress site is private for now because I’m in transition and it’s sort of messy currently. Yes, the google site is still active.

    This may be a basic question, but is there any way that my personal domain can be used on wordpress.com and google sites. The google sites links are published using my own domain, but I was wanting to switch that over to wordpress. I’m not sure if I can use that domain on both sites.

    I appreciate the help.


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    I don’t think you can use one domain name on both sites??? And certainly not on WordPress.com. You can pay for domain mapping on a wp.com site:
    specifically I think this:

    Are you aware of the different kinds of wordpress?



    Yeah, I am aware of the different kinds of wordpress sites, but I really don’t want to mess with maintaining a wordpress.org site. I’m not sure I have the expertise nor the time.

    I guess I don’t understand why the wordpress.com people can’t add a plugin like “Pretty Link” or something. It seems like the ability to control the URLs would be a basic feature a lot of people would want.

    Any other ideas?


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    Sorry, I don’t. Maybe another volunteer will have some ideas. you can subscribe to this thread on the left near the top.

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