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Edited DNS but MX and CNAME still not pointing correctly

  1. beckymediafire

    I edited my DNS records to say:

    MX 10

    I did this over 48 hours ago. Still, when I got to it redirects me to my domains main page. Doing a dig I see that still has the CNAME listed at I don't know what to do. It appears I've done everything correctly but the issue is not resolving.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Hi. It looks like you entered the records incorrectly. See here for an example of valid records:

  3. beckymediafire

    That is the way I entered it but after I hit updated it adds a period to the end of it.

    also, you can't put "mail" in front of the domain or "smtp" by itself in front of the domain name. It will shoot back an error...

  4. beckymediafire

    Oh, I see you can put mail and smtp if you take out "" and "" Unfortunately, if this takes 72 hours like the site you quoted said... I'm going to have to just switch everything back to network solutions. I can't have another 72 hours interruption in service.

  5. Really? The first element after CNAME should only be the portion that goes before your domain name (and not the entire domain name). This is why the link I gave you suggests to enter only:

    CNAME mail
    CNAME smtp
    MX 10

    If that method still doesn't work, then you can contact staff on Monday when the form reopens.

  6. beckymediafire

    see my 2nd reply, thank you :) I think b/c of the wait time and my email being down, it would be faster to go back up to go to network solutions and point the dns back to them and edit the A to point to word press. I have a newspaper going out on Monday that quotes my email address so I can't wait 72 hours to see if it works... :(

  7. beckymediafire

    NEVER MIND - it worked immediately. YAY!!!!

  8. beckymediafire

    THANK YOU SO MUCH! I was looking at the same page you were pointing me to beforehand but I had missed that i didn't need the domain name in front. Another site instructed to have it first.

  9. You're welcome.
    Obviously, my previous message was written before I read your 2nd reply :-)

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