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    I edited a post on wordpress and added a photo. Then I deleted my old post on FB and sent the new one. But the new post didn’t show the photo. It showed the photo on the blog, but the photo didn’t show up in thumbnail on my FB page. Not expecting much, as last time I asked a question no one had an answer either. I really enjoy wordpress, just no help.

    The blog I need help with is endtimechaverim.wordpress.com.


    So you first published a post, and used the publicise feature to post it on facebook, and then you edited the post on wordpress, and deleted the post from facebook?

    I believe that editing a post on wordpress and pressing update doesn’t send a new post to facebook/twitter, because people don’t want posts on facebook of all their editing. So updating a post won’t republicise your posts. Instead, I think you could change the post back to a draft, and then officially republish it. Or, you could use the sharing buttons on the post itself to try and publicise it.

    Hopefully that helps.



    Thanks for answering. What I did was edit the post on wordpress, then send the updated post to FB after deleting the old one from FB. But the new post that got sent to FB didn’t have the updated photo on it. I did this with 3 updated posts and got the same response. ????


    Hmmm, I’m sorry I’m not really sure why it’s done that, hopefully someone else can assist.

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