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    I edited the URL of a post. The new URL works, and everything refers to the new URL just fine. However, the old URL still works, too (by redirecting to the new URL). Is there any way to make it not do that so use of the old URL gets a page not found?

    The blog I need help with is blog.motre.net.



    We need specifics please.



    The old URL was: http://blog.motre.net/2012/03/20/bank-of-america-not-qualified-to-be-a-bank/

    The new URL is: http://blog.motre.net/2012/03/20/bank-of-america-not-qualified-to-be-bank/

    The difference is “a-bank” was changed to “bank”. I was doing this out of curiosity to see if there would be a drop in comment spam, and also to see if all references to the post would be updated. It looked like references were updated. But that may be because it was made into a redirect and the references are not really updated, but end up at the post due to the redirect.

    I’m just curious what’s going on here. BTW, 96% of my comment spam goes to this one post. I did once turn comments off for it, and that stopped the spam. I turned comments back on a week later and the spam resumed. Obviously that specific URL is being distributed among comment spammers. I’m trying to play around with them some to see how they operate.



    BTW, all the comment spam is being caught by Akismet. Good job there. I’ve been recording the IP addresses and permanently deleting the spam.

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