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    inserted a pic into a post and published it. then i edited the pic (cropped it and made it small). to my surprised, my post is still showing the original picture (before editing it). In the media, i have the edited version of the picture. I do not understand where the original picture is saved now? and why it is still showing in the post? i thought the edited one should be shown in the post instead!

    the edited one is here http://lezawang.files.wordpress.com/2012/12/lighthouse-e1355369328104.jpg

    the original one is in my post and here is the url

    my second question, when i edit the post i see the picture width and high as following
    width=”150″ height=”112″

    who decide these dimensions? these has nothing to do with picture dimensions when i edit it?

    Thanks a lot.

    The blog I need help with is lezawang.wordpress.com.



    1) When you insert an image in a post, you insert the code that tells the browser what to display. Editing an image in the media library doesn’t change that code. If you wish to replace an inserted image with an edited version of the same image, you need to edit the post, delete the image and insert the new version.

    2) When you edit an uploaded image, you create a new version but the original remains in WP’s servers, because the changes you make are undoable: if you go to your media library and try to edit an already edited image, you’ll see that the options include “Restore Original Image”.

    3) When you insert an image, you decide the dimensions, by selecting the desired size option: thumbnail, medium, large or full size. The defaults for the first three options are again set by you, in Settings > Media.



    Thanks for your reply justpi.

    about #3
    thanks for your advice, i went to media–>settings and i saw thumbnail, med, large and full size settings.

    but my question is, when i insert a picture, i can not decide what is the size of the picture??!! i do not have that option? i have an option to “edit” and then to rescale the picture or to crop it to re-size but then
    how can I know if it is thumbnail, med or large size?

    my picture size is 260 × 254 but when i inserted wp gave width =150 and the hight = 146 (see code below please).

    The thumbnail is the media–>settings is 150×150,
    the medium is 300 x 300

    <img src=”http://lezawang.files.wordpress.com/2012/12/jellyfish-e1355454686275.jpg?w=150″ alt=”Jellyfish” width=”150″ height=”146″ class=”alignleft size-thumbnail wp-image-115″ />

    thanks a lot once again



    You’re welcome.

    When you click “Add Media” in the post editor and upload an image from your computer or select an image from your media library, the right column includes an alignment option, a link option, and a size option. That’s where you select the size you prefer for the version that will be inserted into the post. You select full size, large, medium or thumbnail.

    Full size means original size, if the original is narrower than the maximum the theme allows (= the width of the main column), or scaled down to that maximum, if the original is wider. The other three options are supposed to be three different options for further scaling down. As I said, you set the defaults for these options in Settings > Media. You set the default width for thumbnails to whatever you prefer (150 is ok), and you set the default widths for medium and large to what’s reasonable on the theme you’re using. The width of the main column in Publish is 525px, so you should set medium width to around 250 and large width to around 400.

    So, after you’ve done that, if you want to insert an image that will cover about half of the main column width you’ll select the medium option, if you want to insert an image that will cover almost but not quite the whole available width you’ll select the large option, etc.



    Here is the picture illustrating the screen from Support documents:

    The Support article itself:



    wow, i had to scroll down. i did not see that.

    thanks a lot to all, without your help i would not have figured that out. you are great indeed. thanks once again

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