Editing a previous post in “draft”

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    I want to edit a previous post, but I do not want to republish the post because I want it to stay where it is in the post order. I do want my edits to be hidden to readers until I am finished, though.

    I used to chage the status of the posts I was editing to “draft”. Do I use “pending review” now? Will switching to “publish” when I am finished editing behind the scenes re-publish the post at the top?

    (Why did they have to go changing things that there was nothing wrong with?!?)



    Having just tested this, use Pending Review. It seems to be the new name for “draft”. It will remove your post from the blog front end but will still allow you access. You can then make all the edits you need and set the status back to published and put it back in the same place.

    Editing the post will not change the “Published On” date and time that was set when the post was originally published.



    Thanks. I was afraid to try and mess something up. Timestamps are the least of my worries…Cheers!

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