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Editing About page.

  1. Urgent help neded!From Edit page of About,where do I go?The sample about page does not display.Does autosave have any effect on this? Pls help,I'm confused.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. It's not necessary to post the same question twice.

    Some themes do not display About information on pages. Some do. If you deleted the About page that came with the blog, you won't have any About page until you create a new one. But you haven't: I can see your About page just fine at

  3. Try filling in your About Page. It helps a lot In the long run . Have a look at my about page to get an idea.

  4. This also confused me at first because I kept switching themes to find the "right" one for me. Once you settle on the theme then go in and fill in the information. If there's no Page directory at the top, as in my old blog theme, you could probably add a widget that will display on the sidebar what pages you have.

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