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    Just started today. Misunderstood what the main page “about” section was and would now like to edit it. Any help is appreciated.

    The blog I need help with is definingsportsperformance.wordpress.com.



    Dashboard > Pages > Edit Pages

    Pretty much the same way you would edit a post.


    That default, sample about widget pulls its information off of your “about” page.



    just click on the about page, then at the top of your navigation bar there should be a link called ‘edit page’.


    That is what I thought too, but that changes the “About” page…not the “About” section on the main page. I am probably not explaining it well. Sorry.


    Hmmm, check the “about yourself” biological information in users > your profile.



    then click on the ‘welcome to our blog’ title and at the top of the navigation bar it should have an ‘edit post’ link.


    Checked the profile, as well as ‘edit post’. Sorry sulz, it is not a post…it is part of the main page. Could it be that I just need to change the appearance to make that go away?


    Just did a reset. Problem solved. Thanks for the help!



    The Regulus template is supplying that About information in your sidebar as a default display. It will disappear the moment you begin to add widgets to the sidebar. You can create an About page instead.

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