Editing and other functions not working

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    I am trying to edit information on my pages and in general update my site. One of the issues I am having is when I go to edit any of my pages, the visual/text boxes appear blank and won’t let my click on the boxes to input text. I can’t live preview any themes. In fact, the only thing that has worked for me is this new quick post thing. I need to update my pages, but they simply won’t work.

    The blog I need help with is jevinkachelmuss.wordpress.com.



    Im having a similar issue. I cannot edit or update. The timer/curser looks like its trying to update. Just keeps spinning and never makes the update. Ughhh


    Is there any support for wordpress? Honestly I know I’m not paying for it (yet), but I’m trying to use it to help land a job… PLEASE HELP


    Heads up hoodasoodi, it’s working now. Not sure if I should be thanking anyone…


    Aaaaand It’s not working again.

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