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    I can’t seem to edit and re-size my photos any more. I used to be able to click on photo and a box came up which allowed you to change the size and edit. How can you get to that now? When you click on photos (after uploading them) nothing happens. This happened on both of my computers, so it’s not just one computer. Am using Google Chrome. Thanks for any help!

    The blog I need help with is upwoods.wordpress.com.



    OK, I WAS able to re-size and edit the photos in Internet Explorer. However, would like to be able to do this in Chrome, too. Could someone assist? Thanks, Kathy



    Are you uploading the photos through the media library? Or through the post?



    Thanks for answering, krzheiyah. I am uploading the photos through the post and trying to resize them on the post (as have been able to do in the past, and can do in Internet explorer.)


    I’ve modlooked this for you as I’ve seen several people with a similar problem of missing icons on the photos and I suspect it’s related.

    By the way, if you possibly can, it’s best to resize photos before you upload them. You can do that in a variety of different image editing programs including various onboard ones on most computers. When you resize images in WordPress, they distort.


    Also – try clearing your cache (history, cookies, etc) and then log back in, let us know if that makes a difference.



    Do you think you could come visit and show me how to do this in other editing programs in person? :)

    I am technologically disadvantaged.



    But did clear the cache last night after reading some other comments in the forum. That did not help.



    Looks like others are having this same problem in Chrome: https://en.forums.wordpress.com/topic/cant-edit-images-inserted-into-post?replies=3

    Guess I’m not the only one.


    I’ve found this thread in which someone found that it works in Firefox, so you might try using Firefox for now:


    Here’s where to get Firefox:


    (Make sure you get version 16.01 not version 16.0 – Firefox they say they’ve withdrawn 16.0 but just to be on the safe side, be aware that 16.0 has a very bad bug.)

    By the way, weekends are bad for getting staff help (and a lot of volunteers are busy with other things, too) so it might take a while for this to get proper attention. Be patient.
    Good luck.


    PS As far as I know, even though BrowseHappy says version 16, it will go to the correct update.



    I use Firefox at work, so could try using it here. Thanks for the advice and help, my friend.



    It’s fixed in Google Chrome!! Thank you to whoever fixed this. So happy!

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