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    Okay, let me be clear about this–I’m very knowledgeable about the subject I blog about. I could not be much more unknowledgeable about stuff like posting code. So please feel free to talk to me like I’m an idiot, because in this regard I am, and ever shall be.

    I managed to set up a Blogs I Follow sidebar widget, and add several blogs that are relevant to people who read my blog (and which in several cases are also referring people to my blog, so it’s good to return the favor, right?)

    I couldn’t figure out how to add any more once I did that. Remember–idiot. But I didn’t really consider it a high priority to figure this out until my girlfriend, who knows less about this kind of thing than I do, added a link to a completely unrelated blog without even knowing she was doing it. It’s a blog about wild horses. My blog is about crime fiction. You see the problem.

    I cannot for the life of me figure out how to delete this link without deleting the entire sidebar–I tried doing that, and then re-adding it, and the same links came up again. I just want to remove this particular link, and then be able to add very specific blog links–I don’t want people to know every blog I visit. I just want to refer them to a small number of blogs relating to the same subject my blog deals with.

    This was very very easy to do on Blogger, and it’s incredibly hard on WordPress. In all other respects I prefer WordPress, but this is making me crazy. Remember–talk to me like I’m an idiot.

    The blog I need help with is thewestlakereview.wordpress.com.



    The Blogs I Follow widget automatically records blogs you follow. You do not enter the links into it. Use this guide to unfollow the blog you mention and wait for the cached data to update do the blog no longer displays in the widget. http://en.support.wordpress.com/following/#how-to-unfollow-a-blog-if-youre-a-wordpress-com-user



    Also note that lengthy blogrolls reciprocal links (you link to my blog and I link to yours) normally have very little value and the practice of creating them has been waning since 2009. Before you consider reciprocal linking to sites, consider your reader’s perspective and whether the proposed links provide value to them. These may be of interest:



    Duly noted, but my blogroll is composed of just five very specifically related blogs. And they do refer readers to my blog–it’s what you might call a community. I actually refer to them as “Known Associates”, not “Blogs I Follow”.

    I really appreciate your help–it was very simple to get rid of the wild horse blog, once you explained it that way. Ideally, I’d prefer the Blogger option of being able to add a link to any site I feel my readers would be interested in, but I can see how this interactive system would be more to the liking of others. In any event, now my readers won’t be wondering why a blog about crime fiction is referring them to a blog about wild horse conservation, which is a worthy topic in its own right, but just not relevant to my blog. Maybe if I do a blog about cowboy novels….

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