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    I was wondering if it is possible to manually change the width of the Calendar widget for the Connections theme in the wordpress.com. My blog is http://andrewmcorbin.wordpress.com scroll down to see the calendar widget. I’ve searched the forums as well as the FAQs and have not seen anything about this.

    Even just being able to center align some of the widgets would be great, like the flickr, vod:pod, and the calendar widget instead of it having to be left aligned would be a great improvement.

    It’s not a big deal, just something that has been bothering me ^_^ It’s the little things. In any case if someone has any idea how to do this, either through CSS or some other way that would be great, or if one of the admins at wp.com could fix this and release and update or something that would be stellar as well.




    this should be possible with css upgrade, but otherwise i can’t see a solution for it.

    maybe be more adventurous with the choice of your theme? some theme have sidebars with better alignment and more professional looking compared to connections.



    It can be done with the CSS upgrade for sure, but it is really sized for the width of that theme right now. It would most likely require you playing with the width of the sidebar as well. If you need help doing it, just post back after you get the CSS upgrade.



    I know I can change the width of the SIDEBAR with CSS but is it possible to change the width of the Calendar? The sidebar width I’m happy with (although like I said it would be nice if certain widgets could be centered instead of left aligned eg. Flickr, Vod:Pod), it’s just that the calendar seems bunched to the left side making it look awkward as compared to the rest of the page.



    yes, you can change just the calendar with CSS. you can also center the other widgets.

    although you should probably read up on what CSS can and can’t do before diving in.

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