Editing calendar width for Connections theme

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    I was wondering if it is possible to manually change the width of the Calendar widget for the Connections theme in the wordpress.com. My blog is http://andrewmcorbin.wordpress.com scroll down to see the calendar widget. I’ve searched the forums as well as the FAQs and have not seen anything about this.

    It’s not a big deal, just something that has been bothering me ^_^ It’s the little things. In any case if someone has any idea how to do this, either through CSS or some other way that would be great, or if one of the admins at wp.com could fix this and release and update or something that would be stellar as well.




    It’s that way on alot of different themes. It looks terrible and I agree that it needs to be changed, but it’s been that way for a while now. ;)


    Even just being able to center align some of the widgets would be great, like the flickr, vod:pod, and the calendar widget instead of it having to be left aligned would be a great improvement.



    sorry for off-topic, but is it ok, that applying Connections theme, your widgets column seems to be “unfinished” – comparing with the example of that theme and http://www.vanillamist.com/blog/ (look at the top of widgets column) ? i experience the same thing with http://laimikis.worpress.com – seems, as if some tag is not closed.



    THAT is a spam blog meant to take advantage of the similarity between WordPress and the word you’re using. I’m reporting it.



    Um, rain, I think they mean http://laimikis.wordpress.com It’s a typo.

    laimikis, there are at least three versions of the Connections theme released that look the same. The original and a pair of forks.

    There’s actually a couple of different ways that the calendar will display within wordpress. I think the widgets uses the narrower one so that it will display within all of the themes.

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