editing categories | or why is something still here, that shouldn’t

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    originally i wanted to change a category, and ended up clueless. i tried editing, but failed, coz it was still remaing as assigned. i tried delete category, and yet, although it partly worked, it is still there. if you go to


    there are postings listed with the category “posted by Liiiesa”, although the category itself doesn’t exist any longer [as was ny original intend]. and yet, why is it still there? moreso, when i look in dashboard, there it is also existing.
    i tried logging out, clearing cache, closing browser and clearing cache, and stubbornly it’s still there, although it isn’t.

    so, how can i get rid of something that doesn’t exist?



    k, i don’t know why, but obviously it seems to be gone


    If you are talking about things in the sidebar categories widget, then you should know that sidebars are cached on the servers and typically do not update immediately. In times when there are high server loads or when maintenance is being done, there may be a delay of an hour or so, and in some extreme cases I have seen that extend to 6 or 8 hours. Also, wordpress has obviously been rolling out some new code in support of new features and bug fixes, and when that happens, some stuff can slow down.



    ah … k. because at the end some time after i posted my first entry i was finished trying it from the logical approach of explaination. good to know for the next time.

    tnx for the explaination.


    You’re welcome.

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