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Editing Chunk theme using CSS

  1. Also, how can I cange the actual selection under "recent posts" and "archives" to white? For example, I would like to make the "february 2012" under archives white.

  2. Here's what I see on your home page:

  3. Also, how can I change the actual selection under "recent posts" and "archives" to white? For example, I would like to make the "february 2012" under archives white.

    If you make "February 2012" white, then it will be unreadable. I wouldn't recommend doing that. Maybe another color? Try this, it will change the color of all links inside widgets:

    .widget a {
    color: darkslategrey;

    Also see

  4. That is super weird. I checked my iphone and I didn't see the meta thing there. But I can see it on my desktop. Oh well. And I noticed from your view that white would definitely not work. I'll try the grey, thanks. Because on the ipad for some reason you can see the whole image, and the black at the bottom make the widgets impossible to read. hopefully the grey will solve the problem. Too much aqua is not gonna look so great. Also, I noticed on the ipad and on your screen view the title isn't centered. Anything I can do about that?

  5. The title seems to just extend to the right instead of centering

  6. I see that too. It looks to me like Firefox is displaying the bold font quite a bit wider than in Webkit browsers like Chrome or Safari. You could handle this in a couple ways. One way would be to make the font smaller. Another would be to widen the container widths like this:

    #container, #header, #menu, #footer {
      width: 900px;
  7. Your genuis is unparalleled, designsimply. You deserve a prize or a raise or something.

    Next thing to try is the changing the fonts on the widgets.

    Thanks for all your help!

  8. Oh, sorry! One more question. I am looking to get rid of the categories widget on just the home page. Can you assist?

  9. Sure. Look at the page source until you find the widget. You can use your browser's web inspector (right-click → Inspect Element) or use an add-on such as Firebug for Firefox, or you can just look at the page source, it's under View → Developer → View Source in Chrome for example.

    What you're looking for is the "Categories" heading. Once you find it. Look one step above it in the html until you see the "id" or "class" for that specific widget. Then just use the same code you used to hide the meta widget on the home page and change out the selector for the categories one.

    Let me know if you get stuck.

  10. Hi designsimply, I tried creating the code on my own and it worked great. But something weird is happening. Internet Explorer does not display some of the changes I have made, such as removing the meta and categories section from my homepage, and changing the color and hover colors on the widgets on the homepage. However, Safari and Firefox do. Anything I can do about it?

  11. Chunk is written in HTML5. The article tag is an HTML5 tag and is not recognized by older browsers such as IE8. See

  12. That makes sense.

    I noticed now that the leave a comment part of my blogs are no longer there since I made the changes to my site. I can't figure out how to bring them back. I definitely don't want the "leave a comment" thing on my home page, but I was hoping I could still have them with my blogs.

  13. You have disabled comments on your posts.

    To re-enable comments for future posts you create, go to Settings → Discussion, check the option that says "Allow people to post comments on new articles," and save the changes.

    To re-enable comments for existing posts, open each one separately, check the box next to "Allow comments," and save changes.

    Also see

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