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    I have a WordPress (2.0.4) blog that’s been commercially hosted for several months, so I’m not entirely a novice with WordPress.

    I also just set up a WordPress hosted blog and am experiencing a weird problem I’ve never seen on our commercially hosted WordPress blog.

    If I attempt to edit a comment (which BTW will only display as html, unlike our other WordPress blog) and then save, it breaks all the paragraph breaks.

    In checking the html it strips all the </p> tags and replaces them with <br />. But the weird thing is it doesn’t strip out every single one of the <p> tags along with all the </p> tags. Very weird. How is this html or xhtml compliant?

    So I tried using two consecutive <br /> tags. No dice on that either! GRRRRR! What is going on? Does this mean that I’m stuck with never ever being able to edit any comments?


    you should try sending in feedback, since i’ve not had that problem.



    For whatever reason, the staff decided to change the comment editor to HTML only. What I do is to change the tag and put in a tag. Doesn’t always take the first time but after a couple of tries, it works.

    This is a major headache for me and one I not only written about in these forums but sent in feedback about on several occasions. It makes editing comments almost impossible.



    I’ve had the same problem, but I live with it. It’s annoying, no question.

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