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    Hi all –
    I know there was a thread on this a little while back, but cannot for the life of me find it (was it ellaella or genteldove.. :-S or someone else..?)

    I thought it a non-problem then, about editing peoples comments to my posts – after all, I don’t get a lot of traffic, and I am suprised and chuffed when people bother to read anything I have written.
    And apart from protecting people from themselves, such as removing personal information about them, editing comments seemed like not really fair.

    But here is the thing – I have been getting a few technical questions tagged on after things like “nice photo, by the way can you tell me how to..”

    I do not feel like emailing them back, especially if it is a penguin. Sharing out my email to the waddlers seems like a bad idea.

    So what do you guys do? I do not want my blog to be a forum or helpdesk (done that, got the t-shirt).

    The latest one, I removed the tech Q and commented back.
    Any other takes on this?



    ……..and there is no reason for individuals to feel singled out – I do get a few of these…


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    There was a discussion which involved this member: http://membracid.wordpress.com/
    People were asking her to identify insects, diagnose medical conditions, and other stuff in comments. So people on the forum suggested that she come up with a “spam and comments policy” which she has posted in a text widget on her blog.

    Sorry I can’t find the discussion, but that might be an idea for you to let readers know that you don’t want to answer technical questions.



    i got that a few times myself. usually i’m nice and reply in the comment the answer to their blogging question. the last one who asked me commented in a post that was very personal to me and i got pissed so i was kinda snarky. anyway the point is that it’s your blog so you can choose how to respond to such comments.




    and my very short comment policy is now in my sidebar.

    By the way, Lorelle had a very good discussion on a new type of spam comment that sound a lot like what you posted. I’ll see if I can find a link.




    About the email thing, maybe set up another account email account to be used only for “special” purposes. And you don’t have to answer, or maybe answer in your comments by editing the comment rather than by replying to the comment.



    Jeeezz…the search in the forum is truly atrocious. Thanks, justjennifer – that is the thread I was looking for, and even when putting the exact heading into the searchbar, it doesn’t show up.

    The email makes sense, I could of course do that, but I already have too many mail addresses.

    Hmm…you all say sound things, and I shall think about this. I have a “contact me” form on my blog, so it is quite possible to reach me without picking a random post (in fact, I would not mind comments and questions, if it was in a technical/vaguely related post). I am not sure if I am interested in setting rules in stone, though. Thanks, all.



    I’ve started using the search in the FAQ instead because it seems to pull up more recent forum threads as well. :)



    I do as well. For whatever reason the FAQ search is better. Google, when you search for “issue site:en.forums.wordpress.com” is the best though.

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