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    A commenter on my blog commented that she was unable to edit her comments to my blog. I tried making her a Subscriber in hopes that she would be able to edit her comments at that point, but no go.

    Is there a way for readers to edit their own comments after they’ve posted them?



    No and if there was then they could post spam links, porno links, and java script that would threaten security on your blog. We are on a shared blogging platform.



    IIRC, they have to be at least an Editor to modify comments. There’s a FAQ on the subject of user levels for reference.



    Well, shoot. I read that FAQ but I didn’t feel like it answered my question.

    How would editing their own comments make them able to post porn/spam? If I made someone a subscriber to my blog, I would recognize them as a non-spammer.

    What is the use of having the Subscriber user level? “Can read the blog” … but can’t anybody?


    Read point 2 of the ‘Advice’ section of the FAQs that drmike provided.


    the role of the ‘subscriber’ user level is so that you can restrict comments to ‘logged in users’ (forcing everyone who wants to comment to register).
    that’s about it AFAIK.

    there are some cool ways of letting users edit their own comments, but i don’t forsee those making it to wp.com, as they require substantial re-writing of the themes, as well as adding functions to the core.

    all that to help maybe 5% of users.

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