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    I’m having problems when i try to edit the css. The problem is simple: whenever i copy the code from the stylesheet and put it in the CSS Stylesheet Editor the image header changes suddenly into one full picture and is not broken up in two halves anymore. I’ve copied the code exactly, I’ve tried and retried this, just to make sure i didn’t take leave out any code by mistake. Yet the header morphs into one full picture every time while everything else remains exactly the same, this is really annoying because i really want to start editing it, but i want to keep the image header the way it is..

    I’m just starting to get into this css, wordpress stuff, but i learned html back in highschool so i’m am not totally useless when i comes to understanding this stuff.

    Thanks for your help in advance




    Do you have a backup of the original CSS? If you do, you could check if inadvertently you changed the header definition.

    A tool that can help you compare changes between the original and modified files is WinMerge.




    thanks for the advice. what i ended up doing is actually downloading the template and copying the code from that, and i managed to fix my problem.

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