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editing CSS in K2 Lite

  1. olivewoodstudios

    Hello, I have a few issues I need assistance with in customizing the CSS for my blog -

    1. when I upgraded to custom CSS, it removed the color I had chosen for a background and it went to default grey. I'd like to know which part of the code to update with the color I want (#FBFBE8)

    2. the default header design for this template includes tabs in the header space. how can I remove them?

    3. is it possible to add white space between the header and the entry and sidebar space? if so, how can I control this using css?

    thank you in advance!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Did you look over the stickied threads about learning CSS? Perhaps you might try there.

  3. olivewoodstudios

    thank you, but I'm not sure what "stickied threads" are. I reviewed the wordpress support site, W3 schools advice, and searched the forums for relevant info before asking here.

  4. 1. Add this:

    body {background:#fbfbe8;}

    2. You don't need CSS for that - just create and load a blank custom menu.
    (Appearance>Menus: type a name in the Menu Name field, click Create, click Save, select that menu from the pulldown in the Theme Locations module, Save.)

    3. Add this:

    #header {margin-bottom:24px;}

    (Change the number to adjust the space.)

    PS If you're using Firefox, install the Firebug and Aardvark add-ons: help you identify selectors.

  5. olivewoodstudios

    wonderful! thanks so much for the guidance.

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