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    Our GoDaddy site where the domain is registered says name servers are at NS.WORDPRESS.COM
    Where do I edit that? If I go to domains it is blank


    Hi there,

    Could you share the domain name and let us know where do you intend to host your site? It’ll help us to determine if the nameservers are configured as expected.




    When logging into our registrar it says name servers are at wordpress.com and we cannot edit DNS
    When logging into the WordPress account and going to domains it does not list anything. Where can we access the name servers to update public DNS?


    You’re right. The name servers are indeed pointing at the WordPress.com servers and most probably the domain mapping upgrade or subscription plan on WordPress.com has expired so you’re not able to see it on your WordPress account.

    I’m adding a modlook tag for staff’s assistance on this. Thank you for your patience.



    Hi there,

    This is happening because that domain is mapped to a WordPress.com site. That mapping upgrade has been purchased by @elyssahobbs which is another user on that site.

    If you want to alter the nameservers for that domain and point it somewhere else, then you need to log in to GoDaddy’s control panel. If you want to alter other DNS records, only the account that mapped that domain can do it from their WordPress.com dashboard.

    If you have any other questions, just let me know and I’ll be happy to help.



    That user is no longer an employee and we do not have that login anymore.
    Is there a way to assign that permission from the admin account of the WordPress site?
    If not is there a way to export all the current DNS records if we did move the name servers to GoDaddy (where the domain is registered)?



    @cuttyfoo if the company is paying for the upgrade, you can use a recent transaction ID from a card statement to prove ownership of the upgrade.

    If you have that, don’t post it here, but do let us know and we’ll get in touch privately. Or you can use the form here:


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