Editing DNS so that it directs to another IP

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    I have a domain used for my blog .. which is omarmokhtar.net .. (I bought it from wordpress not from another external DNS) .. And I have sub domains that directs to another server ..
    For example, omarmokhtar.net directs to my blog .. and server.omarmokhtar.net directs to another website owned by me .. What i want to do is to make the opposite .. I want to make the domain (omarmokhtar.net) direct to the server .. and then make the sub domain (for example, blog.omarmokhtar.net) direct to the blog ??

    Thanks in advance,

    The blog I need help with is omarmokhtar.net.



    if you have any idea about how other person wont to read or send me vido how he coud



    You would need to change your name servers, and manage your DNS at your other hosting provider. If you’re not sure which name servers to use, try contacting your other host.


    You can then add subdomain mapping to point your subdomain to your WordPress.com blog:


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