Editing Fixed-Width Column in Ocean Mist

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    I’m very happy with the color, layout, and large picture in the Ocan Mist theme. However, the fixed-width column is a bit too narrow for me.

    I have bought the Custom CSS upgrade but I’m not sure how to change the width of the column. The blog is http://spsbooks.wordpress.com.

    Thanks in advance!

    The blog I need help with is spsbooks.wordpress.com.


    Ocean Mist is quite a project to make wider and it takes adjustments to probably 10 different sections of the CSS. If you do not have CSS editing experience (something that is recommended before you buy the CSS upgrade) it can be a hair-pulling time.


    Just to show you what you are up against.

    1. create a new background image the width you want for the total theme area that matches the existing: http://s3.wordpress.com/wp-content/themes/pub/ocean-mist/images/bg_main.gif .
    2. Increase width in #mainpic
    3. Increase width in .post
    4. Increase width in .wideposts .entry
    5. Increase width in .title
    6. Increase width in #content
    7. Increase width in #page
    8. Create and upload a new header image and put the URL into the proper place in the CSS.

    There are likely other adjustments that would need to be made as well.


    Hi, Sacred,
    I have the vigilance theme, and the css upgrade. Is is pretty complicated to increase the column for posts and page area for this theme as well? At the very least, what is the naming convention for the column in question?

    in css, would it be:
    column 1 {width:800px;)
    c1 {width:800px;}
    or am I just wishing for a simple tweak?

    My blog: http://www.renewablefueltech.wordpress.com


    To increase the width of the post area in vigilance you have to increase the width in #wrapper and then increase the width in #content by the same amount.


    You will probably also want to change the width in #title by the same amount, and then create a new header with that new width.


    thanks. that did the trick!


    You’re welcome.

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