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    Normally I type my posts in Ms-word and then copy and paste in wordpress as I used to do in blogger. Sometimes it works and sometimes it converges two three paragraphs into one paragraph. Then I edit by pressing enter but the same convergence happens again on viewing the site. Being a poet, I have to keep pressing “enter” after each line for the rhyming effect. It converges the whole stuff into one paragraph. It looks ridiculous and yesterday I spent a couple of hours trying to remedy the situation without success.

    It is a strange irony that the 3 or 4 poems complimenting wordpress that I have written on this discussion forum com have given absolutely no problems but on the main posts, I am now wary of what might happen. A lot of time is wasted in corrections.

    If there is something I am doing wrong, please let me know. Thanks in advance.


    It’s best for you to type and format poems in the WordPress window. Microsoft Word inserts lots of formating that interferes with most web-based systems.



    I think I know what you’re talking about but I’m not sure. But go to your dashboard and click ‘Users’. Then scroll down until you see

    Personal Options

    Use the visual rich editor when writing

    DON’T click that. I had it checked and I think I also had everything in one paragraph.


    I use Windows XP Notepad. And sometimes when I save things, the codes get all messed up. It has something to do with this:

    Where it says ANSI, change it to something else. Or where you type the text, end it with:


    Someone told me about that one the other day.



    I tried to switch off the personal options and edit the current post but that did not work because of the many html tags or marks in between.

    For the future, I am supposed to type in the wordpress editor itself with the personal options off. Is that right? I think this is somewhat cumbersome considering the fact that wordpress has made life easier.

    In blogger, I just used to type in Ms-word and copy and paste. “Do in rome as the romans do” I guess. Kindly confirm what I have written above. Thank you.



    I don’t know. When I cut and paste all my stuff, I put them here:

    Does yours look like that too?

    I don’t have the visual rich editor on when I went to ‘Users’ on my dashboard.

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