Editing header in imbalance2 with out CSS

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    I have the free version of imbalance2 and my header is too large, is it possible to edit with out paying and changing the html myself?

    The blog I need help with is sallyweatherall.wordpress.com.



    You will need to purchase the custom design upgrade to modify your theme beyond what options the theme gives you by default.



    You might be able to remove things like:

    Recent Posts

    Then the header might shrink.

    Trying going to your dashboard then:

    Appearance >> Widgets

    You will see the two itesms listed on the right. Just drag them on to the middle section and they will be removed.

    You may then want to insert your own header image.

    Hope this gets you started. Paying will not allow you to change the html structure of the page; Paying only allows you to chnage the CSS of the page..



    If you’re referring to the whole header section, it will grow larger with each subsequent month the Archives widget will display. You could remove the Recent Posts widget, as one can readily see four of them right below the header, and move the Archives widget to the footer area.



    thats perfect, I knew it would something simple! I have removed the widgets and it looks much better, thanks.

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