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    My site has an image of my book cover with a link to Amazon. I want to edit its caption. I can’t seem to find a screen that will allow me to do that. Can anyone give me some hints about how to get to such an editing screen?

    The blog I need help with is yourbrainandyou.com.



    When you go to the media library on Dashboard to edit an image you see from top to bottom – Title, Alternate Text, Caption, and Description. The caption and the title are saved with the image in the content of each post at the time the post was saved/published. You will have to edit each post, click on the image to highlight it, change the caption and the title, click the save button and then click the Update post button.


    If you uploaded the image through wordpress, all you have to do is go to editing the post, change to html, then find the image portion–you’ll see whatever caption you already have, and (carefully) can edit.

    If you don’t have a caption already, go to edit the post, hit the ‘add an image’ button, and when it pops up you’ll see ‘gallery’ at the top–hit this, find the pic, hit ‘show’ and this will allow you to edit the caption.

    You sometimes need to completely remove the image and re-load, depending on several factors. Good luck!


    @wsrob: Go to Appearance > Widgets, click on your sidebar Image widget to open it, edit caption, click Save.

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