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    I’ve uploaded some pictures through the Write Post page, and included a title and description for each image. I’ve added the pictures to the post in the form of a thumbnail that “links to page” (as chosen from the image popup menu. However, after publishing the post, I now find there’s a spelling mistake in the description that I want to edit.

    But I can’t. I can edit the *post* fine, using either the dashboard or clicking the Edit link, but when viewing the page generated for the larger image with title and description, there’s no edit link. There’s also nowhere in the dashboard to access this field either.

    I can resort to editing the mysql database manually, but should this happen in the future for my other users who don’t have access to that, what should I do?



    Your in the wrong forum. The forum for self hosted and webhosted blog is over here http://wordpress.org/support

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