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editing images in a post

  1. Hi: So now when I insert an image into a post, and I try to edit the various parameters of the image, like border, vertical space, etc., nothing seems to work. I make all my edits using the tree button, but when I save and then look at my post, nothing has changed. Then I go back to editing, and when I click the tree button again, lo and behold, none of my previous changes are there. Please tell me how to edit an image in a post and make the edits stick!

  2. I'm going to take a stab at it and suggest that maybe when you're inserting the image you've let it auto-choose the Medium size. I always override that and choose Full size and then make my image manipulations the same as you. I think maybe the Medium format is overriding all other changes.

  3. No, raincoaster, I always choose Full size when I insert an image.

  4. How about the grey square on top of the toolbar? Lots of manipulators in there, it works fine with me, whereas the Tree doesn't.

  5. Please give us a link to a post where this is occurring, what you TRIED to set as the parameters, and what browser and version you're using.

  6. Raincoaster, the link above is to my most recent post, where I'm having the difficulty.

    Here's what I tried, using the tree button: Setting border = '0' and Vertical and Horizontal Space = '5'. This is how I've set my images in past posts with no problems.

    When I upload and insert an image using the new Dashboard, I always select Full Size. I've also noticed that no matter what I choose for alignment, the photo always ends up on the far left side of the post.

  7. Vanduerz, do you mean the Add Media gray button? When I use that, the only parameter settings I see are Alignment and Size.

    Oh, and raincoaster, I'm using Firefox.

  8. maybe when u upload it try to post it in full size then adjust borders.

    for me it affects the pic when i upload it in medium size and tried to edit the dimensions

  9. By using the procedure outlined in the following post, you can bypass all the stuff that the new upload and insert procedure puts into your image links and what you will end up with is a clean image link.

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