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Editing in dashboard not working properly

  1. Hello all. What's up with WP? I imagine that it's temporary, but I can't get anywhere editing my Category categories. I've got one labelled 'romance', sans the enclosing marks. Every other category label I use starts with a capitalized letter, so I wanted to change the lower case 'r' to an upper case 'R'. The change wouldn't take. I also have a romance tag, so I thought maybe there's some identification issues with the software. So after trying to change the lower case to upper case a few times, I changed the label to 'Sleaze'. Then I attempted to change it again to 'Romance', but I now can't get rid of 'Sleaze'. My luck. As with romance.

    Any thoughts? I will of course, try again. Later...

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Okay, I tried again, just now, using the Quick edit after checking the box on the left. I got a msg telling me "The slug “romance” is already in use by another term." Where's the sophistication of WP that I so heavily relied upon? I don't have the time, or other things I need, to become an instant techie and know how to deal with this. When I click on 'Edit', I expect that I will be allowed to do something simple like change a lower case letter to upper case in my Category label.

    Regardless, I await others' input on this.

  3. I'm having problems editing also-- in my case, the "link" icon seems to be disabled, so I can't create a link (on either of my 2 blogs). Plus the contact support page isn't working either... Sigh.

  4. I've had a similar cluster of problems for the last three days -- cannot save draft, update after editing, or access blog help. Oh how I wish I were tech savy.

  5. @arrby: I believe categories are not case sensitive (in other words: romance and Romance are the same) and because it works through a database, renaming categories back and forth is not as easy. If you still don't solve this to your liking, contact staff on Monday:

    @surfingon: To create a link with the visual editor, you must highlight the word(s) first and then click on the "Link" icon. Is that what you are doing? Regarding the inability to contact staff, did you check raincoaster's answer?

    @hallnjean: In order to assist you, we need the URL of your blog, starting with http://

  6. I'm having the same problem. I can post, but things like trying to add tags do not work, nor does trying to add a new category from the edit window. My link button in the edit window also doesn't work. I'm using the HTML editor.

  7. @nocinaus
    Will you please post an active link starting with http:// to the blog in question?

  8. @nocinaus
    Click the "powered by WordPress" link in the footer of your theme and you end up here http://wordpress.ORG. This is the support forum that only for free hosted WordPress>COM bloggers. We cannot help you. You must post to the correct support forum for your software > http://wordpress.ORG/support
    for clarity read >

  9. Doh. Came across this in a google search. Will dig around over there... Thanks.

  10. The two run on different software. That's why we can't help you here. You're welcome and best wishes with your install.

  11. Thanks airodyssey. Are you suggesting that I can't have both a tag and a category with the same name? I thought possibly that could be the problem when I mentioned identification as being a problem. I was referring to the software correctly identifying the specific use I was applying to the terms.

    I have no problem with researching 'slugs'. Well, I have no problem with 'eventually' researching slugs. I'm dealing with some crap right now. I live in Oshawa, temporarily, work in Toronto as a floater security guard and was recently put out of work for a month by our anti-government provincial government and find that my cell phone doesn't work where I'm living here. Every day I have to get up, walks blocks to use my phone to check whether there's work for me and then hope that I have enough time to get to it, since it can easily take me 3 hours to get to the job on multiple buses, the GO train and LRT.

    I'd be happy to research slugs even if someone could just tell me simply whether I can have a tag and category with the same name. I'm not lazy. But I am not happy with now having a category named 'Sleaze'.

  12. Well, Instead of trying to have a category and a tag named 'Romance', I changed the category from 'Sleaze' to 'Romantic'. That seemed to work. Whew!

  13. Yes, you shouldn't have a tag and category both the same.

  14. I don't know about shouldn't. I'll settle for can't. ;-)

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