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    Got my podcast posted to my blog, and it has now been cleared and published in iTunes. Now I am trying to figure out what/where I need to edit information so that iTunes will show it. For instance, under the “Podcast Description”, it still says “Just another WordPress.com site”. There is also no image showing and if at all possible I would like for each episode description to not just be the entire blog entry text. I have searched online quite a bit, but have not found anything yet (or at least anything dumbed down enough for me to understand). Any help with this would be greatly appreciated.

    The blog I need help with is th3tripod.wordpress.com.



    “Just another WordPress.com site” is your tagline. Change that under Settings->General.

    To show an image, I believe you have to upload a Blavatar, in the same place. You MAY have to upload an image into the post you have the podcast in.



    Thanks for the quick response. The tag line was changed before it was loaded onto iTunes, so I’m not sure if I need to change it. Does iTunes just update your podcast once a day, so any change I make today (i.e. uploading a Blavatar image) may not show up until the next day?



    I speculate that all images are cache and that images caches are only flushed periodically. Do nite that changing a blavatar does not provide an instantaneous result. It takes days for the change to propagate throughout the internet.



    Similar problem, but mine is only in regards to my cover art image. I know which tags I need to add to the RSS page’s source code, but how can I do that? There’s a general iTunes tag at the top and then the <itunes:image> tags later on. How can I insert these?

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