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    Is there a resource that explains what the ‘Class’ options are in the edit link box that pops up?

    Is there a setting that applies to all themes that allows you to see the link URL when you scroll over it, or is this a CSS function?


    The blog I need help with is erinmidwife.com.



    I can’t find one and I have looked through all the support documentation. This is all I can find > Class – Advanced. Specify a CSS class for the link

    Does this help? http://www.yourhtmlsource.com/stylesheets/csslinks.html



    From what I can fathom these are the ways you can use CSS to style links.
    a:link {color: #009900;}
    sets the color of a link when no event is occurring

    a:visited {color: #999999;}
    sets the color a link changes to, when the user has already visited that URL

    a:hover {color: #333333;}
    sets the color a link changes to as the user places their mouse pointer over the link

    a:focus {color: #333333;}
    primarilly for the same purpose as the last one, but this one is for users that are not using a mouse and are tabbing through the links via there keyboards tab key, it sets the color a link changes to as the user tabs through the links

    a:active {color: #009900;}
    sets the color a link changes to as it is pressed

    However, the Volunteers who help with CSS will give you a hand once this is moved to the CSS forum.



    Thanks for all that!

    I have managed to figure out the CSS code for links in my CSS editor…..what I am wondering about though is what I am guessing is the WordPress default link window that pops up when you are adding a hyperlink to text in a post. When you click the ‘link’ button in the toolbar you are offered a link editing box and the last option in the box is for ‘class.’ There is a dropdown menu there I am wondering what all the various options are do.


    What they do may be different on every theme. Create a draft post and try them all out and view the results using the post preview button.



    Ok. I can try that. I just thought it might be a default setting. The three or four themes I’ve tried all have that same drop down menu for class.


    There may well be a default, I’ve never dug into it, and I’m unaware of anywhere it is documented.

    Try them and see what the do.

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