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Editing links of pages instead of post

  1. Hi there,

    I'd like to know if the possibilities I had in mind can be done before I purchase Custom Design and the 'on demand' theme. I have a few questions and i will be using the demo site as reference.

    1.In the content carousal, I understand that it features links to your post but can it be links to the pages I created?

    2.Below the content carousel, you can display up to 8 featured categories (like channels). my question is the same as above. Can it be links to my pages instead of only categories?

    3.At the 'Recently Added' portion, can I change this text to something else?

    4.At the 'Recently Added' portion, can i show links to pages i created and in that exact format with the thumbnail,highlighted frames and all?

    Thanks for the help in advance. I hope my questions don't sound gibberish. I'm trying to create a site for my real estate business. I want to show my listings hence the pages.

  2. 1) no, I believe not. WP is primarily a blogging system, and pages are very much secondary.

    2) no. Pages cannot be categorized.

    3) Not without a solid knowledge of CSS editing and the custom design upgrade, and perhaps not even then.

    4) No. Pages and posts are fundamentally different. I strongly recommend you forget about Pages for all but information which you will ALWAYS need and which NEVER changes, such as your bio. If you want your listings to be found by search engines, for example, pages are pretty much useless. You want posts.

  3. Thank you raincoaster. you just helped me made a massive decision.

  4. You're welcome.

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