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    I’m used to being able to directly edit my source code because I was using Blogger a few years ago.
    Now I would like to add the “content” and “keyword” code, especially for Google and to get my blog out there. Below is an example of what I’d like to do. Is this possible? FYI: I’m not using the CSS option.

    <meta content='The annuals of an unemployment Admin and the problem solving scenarios I use' name='description'/>

    <meta content='unemployed,job search,memoirs,resume,http://debbiesdesk.com' name='keywords'/>

    Thanks for any help

    The blog I need help with is debbiesdesk.com.



    No upgrade or anything here will let you change code – period end – it is a security issue

    There are some Posts here why meta-data is so past whatever – I will let others explain that –

    On the good side – a box stock WordPress.COM blog has some of the best SEO in the world – the built in features here will give your blog good SEO.

    For more on “how to get your blog out there” visit @timethief‘s site for many good tips: http://onecoolsitebloggingtips.com/


    As auxclass said, a wp.com blog gives you better SEO than these tricks, for a variety of reasons (built-in sitemap, standardized URLs, links to and from the WP global tag pages if you categorize and tag your posts intelligently, etc.)

    In a wp.com blog, the role of the description metatag is played by your tagline or by a text widget up top in your sidebar.

    As for the keywords metatag, see here:



    Great, thanks for all the info along with the links. I’m not as familiar with Word Press as I was with previous ones I used. I always like a quick and easy answer. Thanks again.

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