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Editing my "About" page

  1. I know that I am looking right at it but am having a brain freeze...
    Can anyone refresh my memory... how I even find my own About Page... and then tell me how to edit it?
    Thank you ahead of time!!!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Actually, I know how to find my ABOUT page to view it... my question is... how to edit it...I wanted to add a link to a story I just wrote (A Thing Of Beauty In An Unexpected Place) which tells more about me without actually making my ABOUT page too long. Is that possible?
    I don't want to lose them with too much information... but I want my viewers to have the option of reading more if they choose to do so...

  3. Its under the pages tab in your dashboard. From there you can see all your pages and edit them accordingly.

    I just copy pasta my original post into the page content. Easy.

  4. Thank you ds!
    I had to bring my daughter in...
    She scrolled down on my ABOUT page and found that the "Edit" tab is just in a different place... below the blog rather than on top. It took her all of 30 seconds to figure it out~ lol.

  5. For the benefit of those who find this in the searchbox in the future the answer is found here >

  6. Thanks timetheif (by the way, love your name) but my problem was not so simple I saw that page and still could not find the stupid EDIT button on the ABOUT page.... on all the other posts... the EDIT tab is at the top where you insert your tags... On the About page it is in a different place. THAT is all I was asking. I know how to edit all my other pages this question pertained to my numbsill headed brain that could not seem to find what my daughter did in a half a minute!
    But thanks for the link!

  7. That link wasn't actually for you lol :) This thread will go into the searchbox and it's for those who search in the future. Best wishes with your blog.

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